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Summer Camp Forms and Guidelines



The following forms are required for all camps, except ages 4–5 (see below). For specific camp guidelines, itineraries, additional camp forms and checklists please see below. If your child requires any medication during camp hours please also complete the Medication Dispensing Permission Waiver at the bottom of this page.

  1. Summer Camp Guidelines
  2. Camp Emergency Contact, Health, Waiver and Release Form

This form is only required for ages 4–5, with an adult:

Child, with an Adult, Camp Guidelines and Waiver

Camp Medicaton Dispensing Info and Permission Waiver:

The form below is only required if your child carries or may need to use an epi-pen, asthma inhaler, or any other medication during camp hours.

Camp Medication Dispensing Permission Waiver

Camp Itineraries

Adaptation Adventures
Art Around Us
Canoeing in Nature
Early Settlers
Fishing Camp
Fishing Camp 2
Pint-Sized Farmers
Pondering Plants
Spiders, Slugs and Really Cool Bugs
Time Travelers

This checklist is only required for Adaptation Adventures:

Bicycle Checklist

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