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Grades 9–12

Illinois Learning Standards

We invite you to connect your students with local history and nature. Our school programs support Illinois Learning Standards. Our field trips and in-school programs are taught by professional educators, are affordably priced and give students the opportunity for authentic experiences to learn, discover and apply what they know.

Available Courses

In-School-School-ProgramsIn-School Program   Field-Trip-School-ProgramsField Trip    Virtual-School-Programs Virtual Program    Self-Guided-School-Programs Self-Guided Field Trip

Habitat Heros    Field-Trip-School-Programs
Lake County During WWII    Virtual-School-Programs
Lake Ecology Field-Trip-School-Programs

Pond Study Field-Trip-School-Programs

Ponding: Biotic Factors with Pond Animals Virtual-School-Programs
The Man From Libertyville Field-Trip-School-ProgramsVirtual-School-Programs
Sustainable Solutions: Green Infrastructure    Field-Trip-School-Programs
Watersheds Virtual-School-Programs


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