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18002 Woody Invasive Plant Clearing 2017

Owner invites sealed Bidder’s Proposals for the Work described in detail in the Contract and generally described as follows:

The Lake County Forest Preserve District (Owner) is bidding out 10 (ten) clearing projects located throughout Lake County.  Bidders can bid on one or all projects.  The Owner intends to award each project to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

Each project is described under Attachment B, Section 2 (Title, Description, Coordination, Goals, and Scope of Clearing Operations).  Any exceptions to the standard clearing specifications outlined in Sections 3, 4, 5 and Attachment D shall be noted in Section 2.  In general, the Work of these projects includes all labor, equipment, and materials to selectively remove invasive woody trees and shrubs and thin select native species.  Owner-approved cutting methods shall be described in Section 2 and Section 3.  Extreme care shall be taken when conducting work within the Work Sites to lessen damage to native vegetation.  Work shall include cutting, log removal (select projects only), brush pile burning or chipping, selective wick herbicide application to cut stumps and follow-up foliar wick application to resprouts and small stems. 

During snow fall, recreational trails are not plowed and special consideration of trail users will be necessary.  When conditions are favorable for cross country skiing, Contractor shall minimize use of trail access as much as possible.  Public access will remain open during the duration of the project.

The Work shall be performed at the following Work Sites:

Captain Daniel Wright WoodsForest Preserve

Lincolnshire, Illinois

Greenbelt Forest Preserve

North Chicago, Illinois

Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve

Barrington, Illinois

Lakewood Forest Preserve

Wauconda, Illinois

Ethel’s Woods Forest Preserve

Old Mill Creek, Illinois

Van Patten Forest Preserve

Wadsworth, Illinois

Fourth Lake Forest Preserve

Lindenhurst, Illinois

Wadsworth Savanna Forest Preserve

Wadsworth, Illinois

Grant Woods Forest Preserve

Lake Villa, Illinois

Woodland Habitat Restoration Project

includes multiple sites: MacArthur Woods/ Ryerson Woods/Lloyds Woods/Captain Daniel Wright Woods Forest Preserves, Lake County, Illinois




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Due Date/Time:
08/25/2017 10:00 AM, CST
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