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Native Plant Sale

The Native Plant Sale will be available online through October 31, 2022!

Want to purchase a native tree or shrub in person? Attend our annual OAKtober Celebration: Tree & Shrub Sale on October 2 at Ryerson Conservation Area in Riverwoods.

Why Plant Native Species?

You can choose from a variety of native ferns, flowers, plants, shrubs or woody plants suited to almost any backyard. Native plants are beautiful, hardy, less expensive, easy to maintain, beneficial to the environment and thrive in Illinois gardens.

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The region's popular eco-friendly lawn and garden program is available in Lake County. If you're looking for tips on how to get started with native landscaping, Openlands can assess your property and offer advice. Some fees apply. 


Proceeds from sales will benefit the volunteer program.

Produced by Kelly Schultz & Dale Shields Photography by Dale Shields

Collecting native seeds is fun! The Lake County Seed Collection Guide is an illustrated guide for seed collectors throughout the Chicago region. The book provides color photographs and descriptions of nearly 500 species of plants in seed, organized by season, habitat and growth form. The guide was designed and written for anyone to pick up and enjoy.

View a snapshot of 60 species to the right as you prepare for the Native Plant Sale.

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