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Project Number:
18001 The Fabrication and Installation of Observation Structure at Spring Bluff Forest Preserve

Owner invites sealed Bidder’s Proposals for the Work described in detail in the Contract and generally described as follows:

The project consists of the fabrication and installation of an outdoor observation structure. The structure consists of two joined platforms, the lower platform being approximately 5’ above grade, rectangular shaped, and accessed by an accessible ramp and a higher platform approximately 15’ above grade, circular shaped, and accessed by a circular stair from the lower platform. The structure is supported by pressure treated round timber piles, driven to the specified capacity. The work includes all labor, materials, equipment and services for the complete construction of the project as indicated in the construction documents, including:

A.         Site Resource and Protection measures including an allotment of up to 250 lineal feet of 4’ high plastic construction fencing.

B.         Furnishing and installing pressure treated round timber piles with vibratory equipment.

C.        Fabricating and erecting the complete steel observation structure.

D.        Installing the poured concrete approach ramp.

E.         All other related work and requirements described in the contract documents.

The Work shall be performed at the following Work Site:

Spring Bluff Forest Preserve

1200 7th Street

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois 60096

Contact Email:
Due Date/Time:
11/16/2017 10:00 AM, CST