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“[My daughter] came home excited every day and shared her stories with us.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“My children benefited by learning new and exciting things. Also, they made many friends and had a lot of fun. They seem to be looking at a career in science now.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“[My son] was able to learn more about science in a way that was fun and educational.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“[My son] now has more interest in science and nature. He bonded with new people and made new friends.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“It’s a good summer program to help keep kids' minds set on the future.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“[My children] both really enjoyed going on field trips and learning hands-on. Also, they liked working on their projects and had a lot of fun learning.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


"This is our first time to this event and I think it's great. We were playing in the mud before, and there were no rules and no instructions. The kids had a blast."

Kimberlee Frost - Parent


Williams, who lives with her mom in Waukegan, serves as a role model for about 20 area high school students working to plan, sow, tend and harvest a 1.25-acre sustainable farm located within Greenbelt Forest Preserve (North Chicago).

Erin Williams - 2019 Green Youth Farm Intern, Mentor
Greenbelt Forest Preserve


I really enjoy selling the produce.

Miguel Figueroa - Student
Green Youth Farm


The sale of produce is really fun. I also enjoy harvesting. The group works hard. I really like how we have all come together like a family to get the job done. No one slacks off. We stick together. 

Arissa Harris - Student
Green Youth Farm

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