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Volunteering for the LCFPD for the past 23 years has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion for anything to do with nature and my goal to educate others about what nature offers in each of our preserves and how we can lessen our impact on the environment. It’s because of the awesome staff and the wide variety of programs that the LCFPD offer to the public that I continue to volunteer for this wonderful organization.

Diane P. - Event Aide
Ryerson Woods


As a volunteer for the LCFPD, I feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment when helping with the diversity of programs offered by the district. It is rewarding to be able to encourage children and adults to learn more about the natural world. The staff creates a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for volunteers, which is an added bonus. It's a great place to make a difference!

Linda M. - Nature Education
Ryerson Woods


Our Museum visitors are so interested in culture and Lake County's history—they truly enrich my time as a volunteer at the front desk. I receive so much nourishment from our Lake County Preserves—love the trails for biking—it is a "natural" to want to give back and encourage everyone I meet to take part in the events and facilities we have to offer.

Alice B. - Visitor Services
Dunn Museum


I really enjoy volunteering for the Forest Preserve, I have done a lot of interesting things and have met a really nice group of people. They make the job fun.

Joyce D. - Visitor Services
Dunn Museum


I love all the history and culture the LCFPD presents. Most of all, I love the Adlai E. Stevenson Historic Home on St. Mary's Road because of all the exciting speakers, events, musical concerts and house tours. Adlai Stevenson is my hero, and his legacy lives at this historic home.

Mary P. - Docent
Adlai E. Stevenson II Historic Home


I began as a volunteer to give back to the community and the places I like to visit, but found I got far more out of my experiences––a fascination with the many ways seeds grow and reproduce, and a much closer look at the many plants I see everyday.

Kelley H. - Native Seed Nursery


“Nature puts everything in perspective. You can simply look around and count your blessings. Makes my spirit blossom, allowing me to re-seed this passion to everyone around me.”



“It’s good, clean fun! It also reduces the stresses of my day job.”


Michelle H. - Indian Hill Home School Group


“[The program] gave my son a lot of confidence in his abilities and it allowed him to have much needed hands-on experience.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“[My daughter] came home excited every day and shared her stories with us.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“My children benefited by learning new and exciting things. Also, they made many friends and had a lot of fun. They seem to be looking at a career in science now.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“[My son] was able to learn more about science in a way that was fun and educational.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“[My son] now has more interest in science and nature. He bonded with new people and made new friends.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“It’s a good summer program to help keep kids' minds set on the future.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


“[My children] both really enjoyed going on field trips and learning hands-on. Also, they liked working on their projects and had a lot of fun learning.”

Parent of a Science Explorer


"This is our first time to this event and I think it's great. We were playing in the mud before, and there were no rules and no instructions. The kids had a blast."

Kimberlee Frost - Parent


Williams, who lives with her mom in Waukegan, serves as a role model for about 20 area high school students working to plan, sow, tend and harvest a 1.25-acre sustainable farm located within Greenbelt Forest Preserve (North Chicago).

Erin Williams - 2019 Green Youth Farm Intern, Mentor
Greenbelt Forest Preserve


I really enjoy selling the produce.

Miguel Figueroa - Student
Green Youth Farm


The sale of produce is really fun. I also enjoy harvesting. The group works hard. I really like how we have all come together like a family to get the job done. No one slacks off. We stick together. 

Arissa Harris - Student
Green Youth Farm


The program addresses an array of life lessons and life skills. It's a trifecta. You have kids getting jobs, spending quality time with mentors and providing healthy food for the community. 

Rebekah Synder - Executive Director of the Preservation Foundation
Lake County Forest Preserves


This place to me has been nothing but the best. I learned what it's like to have a paid work experience while at the same time gaining guidance and job skills training. This job I feel has prepared me mentally and physically for my real-world tasks. 

Cristobal - Student
Green Youth Farm


Thank you so much for the awesome virtual field trip on plants! The students were so excited and they are actually looking forward to doing their ‘homework.’ It was so nice to have a real live person teaching them about plants.

Susan F. - Second Grade Teacher

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