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Voters to Decide on Funding for Land Acquisition and Habitat Restoration in Lake County

June 27, 2024 03:00 PM
© Tim Elliott

On November 5, Lake County voters will be asked to consider a referendum to bring additional resources to the Forest Preserves.

The Lake County Forest Preserves board of commissioners authorized the question asking voters to approve the sale of $155 million in bonds.

The Board has allocated the funds as follows:

• $65 million for land acquisition.

• $90 million for public access improvements and habitat restoration.

The estimated annual increase on a Lake County home valued at $300,000 is just under $33.

“If approved, the new funding would be used to protect more land and expand the benefits the forest preserves provide to all of us," said Executive Director Alex Ty Kovach. A comprehensive list of projects has been created to ensure that all areas of the county benefit from the referendum funds.

New funding would be used to:

• Acquire and restore additional lands to ensure they can be enjoyed by future generations in every part of Lake County.

• Protect and restore wildlife habitat that is home to native plants and animals, some of which are threatened or endangered.

• Build important trail connections.