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Vendor Permits Application


Become a Licensed Vendor

Vendor permits are good for the current calendar year only, and must be renewed in order for the business to remain an approved licensed vendor. We encourage you to renew your permit for the following calendar year when Annual Permits go on sale the first Monday in December. 

If you have any questions about the vendor licensing process, please call 847-968-3419 or email


ANNUAL PERMIT FEE: $150                     SINGLE-USE PERMITS: $100.00


Purchase of a single-use permit allows service for one specified date and event only, and business will not be included on the Approved Vendors List. Single use permits may not be "upgraded" to annual vendor Permit. Food Trucks permits are for all forest preserves excluding Independence Grove and all golf courses.

COI is required to process permit. If your insurance agent is sending the COI please email to: vendors@LCFPD.ORG

Permitee agrees to follow and adhere to the rules and regulations of the Lake County Forest Preserve District, as well as the applicable local, county, state and federal laws. Vendor will be required to have the appropriate health licenses and insurance coverage.

All vendors please attach certificate of insurance (minimum $1,000,000 general liability) naming Lake County Forest Preserves as an additional insured. Food vendors will also need to attach a copy of appropriate health department licenses.

The Lake County Forest Preserve District reserves the right to terminate this permit if: 1) applicant misrepresents, falsifies or withholds information, 2) requirements, restrictions, terms and conditions or rules pertaining to this permit or any Lake County Forest Preserves District ordinance are violated.

The Lake County Forest Preserve District shall not be liable at any time for loss, damages or injury to person or property. Applicant and/or organization agree to hold harmless the Lake County Forest Preserve District, its Commissioners, Officers, Agents, Volunteers, Attorneys and Employees from any and all losses, claims expenses, costs and damages.