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Theft Prevention Tips

It takes less than a minute to break a car window, unlock the door, and remove items left inside. Often there are no witnesses to these offenses because of the ease and speed. 

These are crimes of opportunity and can be prevented with a little foresight and planning. 

The following Theft Prevention Tips are provided courtesy of your Lake County Forest Preserves Ranger Police.

  • Keep vehicle windows closed and doors locked at all times.
  • Activate your car alarm.
  • Always remove your ignition keys.
  • Never leave your vehicle running.
  • Before entering your vehicle, scan the surrounding area, and always check the interior and the floor and rear seat areas.
  • Prior to arriving at your destination, lock valuables in the trunk or glove box, hide them completely out of sight, or take them with you. A wallet or purse hidden under a newspaper or floor mat does not fool a criminal.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t broadcast your movements when hiding valuables.
  • Larcenies are crimes of opportunity. When property is left unlocked or in plain view, it invites trouble.

You can assist Ranger Police by reporting suspicious persons, vehicles or activities immediately to 847-549-5200. 

Download the Theft Prevention Tips card and keep it with you as a reminder.

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For questions, permits or citation information, call our Ranger Police Department at 847-968-3404, weekdays, 6:30 am–3 pm.

To report an emergency, call 911. 

For nonemergency public safety issues, call the Lake County Sheriff's Department at 847-549-5200 and ask to speak to a Ranger.

Forest Preserve Police Officers regularly patrol the preserves and can offer assistance.