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Boundary Guidelines

Like any other good neighbor, we'll do our best to make sure that activities on our adjacent land don't encroach on your property. We promise not to dig holes, take plants, dump garbage, deposit leaves, grass clippings or branches, create a footpath, plant a garden, install a fence or build a shed in your backyard.Preserve-Safety-BoundaryGuidelines-(KK)

We only ask that, as our neighbor, you also avoid using adjacent Forest Preserve land for any of those or other personal purposes and respect preserve property boundaries. Our ordinances, rules and regulations prohibit encroachments and authorize our Police Officers to issue fines up to $500 for violations, but we'd rather keep things neighborly with your help.

Homes near forest preserves usually increase in value more rapidly than similar homes elsewhere. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why you purchased your home. Just as you want to protect your investment, we need to preserve the lands we hold in trust for all of the people of Lake County. By working together, we can both reach our goals.

If you have a question about where your property stops and an adjacent Forest Preserve begins, please email or call our Chief of Police at 847-968-3405.