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General Preservation Foundation FAQs

Questions & Answers

Q: Is my gift tax-deductible?

YES! All gifts to the Preservation Foundation, the charitable partner of the Lake County Forest Preserves, are tax-deductible.

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Q: Where can I install my gift?

Gifts are usually placed along our existing trails, or in areas that our staff determines are accessible for general maintenance. Locations will be chosen during an on-site consultation with staff, who provide placement suggestions that fit both the donor’s interests and the Forest Preserve’s needs. Please contact Katherine Hart at 847-968-3438 or khart@LCFPD.org to schedule a consultation at your preferred preserve.

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Q: Where do you plant? What types of trees do you plant?

Trees are planted in spring (April and May) and fall (August and September). However, consultations are conducted all year and installations are scheduled for the appropriate planting time.

The Green Gifts program has different species of trees available. Staff will make recommendations based upon the chosen location and the needs for the preserve. 

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Q: What happens if my tree dies?

Your donation is guaranteed for ten years. If your tree dies within ten years of your purchase, we will replace your tree at no cost to you.

Our staff watches these young trees carefully to make sure they are thriving. Green Gift trees are mulched (which adds nutrients to the soil), and we weed around them so they aren’t choked out by grass or weeds. We water them as needed. As trees grow larger, they are better able to survive and thrive; however, we encourage donors to contact us if they suspect something is wrong with their tree so that our staff can conduct an assessment.

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Q: What if my bench is vandalized, or needs repair?

We encourage donors to contact us immediately. Staff will conduct an assessment to determine the next steps for repair, or replacement, if necessary.

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Q: Do I have to pay all at once?

No. Donors have the option to make a down payment toward their gift and pay the balance over two years. Installation will begin after the initial payment is received; however, we reserve the right to remove your commemorative plaque if the balance is not paid during the agreed upon timeframe.

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Q: What is the character limit on the plaques?

There is no character limit on plaques. Please keep in mind that our maintenance on the plaques is limited. They are designed to age naturally, and over time, small text will become difficult to read. Staff can provide examples of plaque designs and show you examples in the field during your consultation.

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