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science-firstThrough the Preservation Foundation, concerned citizens and corporations can help the Lake County Forest Preserves restore and preserve the habitats that our native wildlife and plants need to survive and thrive. Lake County is home to more endangered and threatened species than any other county in Illinois. Eighty percent of forest preserve land is in its natural state, and efforts are underway to restore this land to its pre-settlement state. Since the establishment of the Foundation, donors have helped protect and restore approximately 1,000 acres in forest preserves throughout Lake County.

The Preservation Foundation also helps enhance the cultural and educational offerings of the Lake County Forest Preserves for Lake County residents, including programming at the Ryerson Conservation Area, the Greenbelt Cultural Center and the Dunn Museum.

In the past year alone, generous Foundation donors have:

  • Provided nearly $60,000 to underwrite educational opportunities for youth, ensuring that regardless of income, children received access to our award-winning educational programs.

  • Planted new trees in honor or memory of loved ones and dedicated trail-side benches at sites throughout the county—a gift to all Lake County residents by donors to our Green Gifts program.

  • Underwritten cultural and community service programs such as Afrofest, Fiestas Patrias, and the Giving Dinner at the Greenbelt Cultural Center.

To learn more about our achievements, view our Annual Donor Report and 990 Form

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