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Preservation Foundation Board

A 19-member Board of Directors governs the Foundation. Board members guide the Foundation's mission, approve the annual fundraising plan and budget, authorize grant requests from the Annual Fund, and establish organizational policies and procedures.

Following election of the President of the Lake County Forest Preserves, which takes place every two years, the President appoints two Lake County Forest Preserve Commissioners to serve as members of the Preservation Foundation Board of Directors.  The Executive Director of the Lake County Forest Preserves also serves on the Foundation Board in an ex-oficio, voting member.  The remainder of the Board is comprised of volunteer civic and business leaders.






Nels Leutwiler Foundation President
President, Ridgeline Holdings LLC

Elizabeth Hough Foundation Vice President 
Civic Leader

S. Michael Rummel Foundation Treasurer
Civic Leader

Andrea Moore Foundation Secretary
Civic Leader

Andrea Danks 
Government & Community Affairs Representative,
North Shore Gas

Chris Heier
Business Owner & Community Volunteer

Karen Hunter 
Executive Director, Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation

James Kirby
General Manager, Golden Oaks Far

Alex Ty Kovach 
Executive Director, Lake County Forest Preserves

Angelo D. Kyle
President, Lake County Forest Preserve District


Mayor Billy McKinney
Mayor, City of Zion

Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit
CEO, Flourish & Thrive Labs

Pradip Sahu
Senior Intellectual Property Counsel, USG Corporation

Robert Shears 
Civic Leader

Michael Tutty 
Group Vice President, American Medical Association 

Mary M. Vincent 
Civic Leader 

Commissioner John Wasik 
Commissioner, Lake County Forest Preserves

Chad Waynee 
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Renee Young 
Senior Director, Communications




Elizabeth Hough
Alex Ty Kovach
Nels Leutwiler
Andrea Moore
S. Michael Rummel
Mary Vincent


Angelo D. Kyle, Chair
Paul Frank
J.Kevin Hunter
Nels Leutwiler
Ann B. Maine
Paras Parekh
Linda Pedersen
Jessica Vealitzek
John Wasik

Two standing committees support the growth and development of the Preservation Foundation. The Development Committee provides support and oversight to increase awareness of the Preservation Foundation and ensure best practices in donor cultivation, stewardship and retention.  The Finance Committee is charged with financial oversight, including progress toward annual goals; financial procedures and reporting; the annual financial audit; and oversight and management of the Preservation Foundation endowment. Both committees are comprised of volunteer civic and business leaders.

Karen Hunter, Chair

Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit
Michael Tutty
Renee Young

S. Michael Rummel, Chair

Marshall Field V.
Elizabeth Hough
Alex Ty Kovach
Steve Madden
Steve Neaman
Chad Waynee



Erika Stergos  Executive Director of the Preservation Foundation of the Lake County Forest Preserves

JoEllen Carlucci  Preservation Foundation Board Secretary, OMA Designee, and FOIA Officer

If you have any questions about actions or decisions made by the Board or Committees, or if you would like to invite a Preservation Foundation leader to speak to your community group, school or other organization, please contact the Preservation Foundation at 847-968-3110.


The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows members of the public to access public records to promote government transparency and accountability. View our Preservation Foundation Profile to learn about the mission and purpose of our organization, department structure and operating budget.

Request for Public Records
We maintain a comprehensive set of procedures, instructions and forms for requesting public records in accordance with our FOIA RULES and REGULATIONS.
To inspect or obtain copies of public records, a written request must be submitted to our FOIA Officer. We encourage you to use our REQUEST FORM which you can either download or obtain by stopping by our Foundation Office in Libertyville. We will review all written requests regardless of the form submitted.
Requests can be emailed, faxed, or mailed anytime, or delivered to the Preservation Foundation, 8 am–4:30 pm, weekdays. Directions
We will review all requests and respond in a manner consistent with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Copying and mailings fees may apply as provided for in Section IV of the FOIA rules and regulations.
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