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Collections Donation Inquiry Form

If you have documents, images or artifacts that you believe would complement our collection, please tell us about them by completing the online form below. Please do not send unsolicited original materials to the Museum.

What makes a good donation candidate? A strong Lake County connection makes an item a good fit for the Museum’s collections. What is the item’s story? Who used it? Was it used and/or made in Lake County?

All potential donations are evaluated by a museum curator, who may contact you with follow-up questions. Donations are then reviewed by the Collections Committee made up of museum staff. If the committee decides that the materials will strengthen the collections, the donation is presented to the Lake County Forest Preserves’ Operations Committee for final approval.

If you are unable to complete the online form below, please email the information to or call the Dunn Museum at 847-968-3400 to speak with a curator.


Please include the item’s size, materials, and history or story—who, what, when, and where. Please be as specific as possible.

Aging and wear or tear is expected with old items, please describe the item’s general condition. Is it in Excellent, Fair, or “needs help” condition? Are there any signs of fading, mold or mildew, cracking, crumbling, rips or tears, broken or missing pieces?

If you have questions regarding the donation process, please email or call 847-968-3400 to speak with a curator.