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Research and Collections

The Dunn Museum’s collections, which comprise nearly 20,000 artifacts and 1,000 linear feet of archival materials, are securely housed in a modern environmentally controlled care and storage facility. Irreplaceable collections held in public trust are protected with precise temperature and humidity control, as well as security and fire suppression capabilities, preserving Lake County’s cultural heritage for future generations to discover and enjoy. Archival holdings within the Museum's distinguished collections can be accessed by appointment by visitors, researchers and history enthusiasts. Artifacts from the collections are showcased in exhibitions and education programs. 

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Teich Family Reading Room

The Reading Room provides walk-in access to the Museum’s special library, genealogical resources and reference materials related to Lake County history. An appointment is necessary for use of primary source materials from the Lake County History Archives. There is no fee for accessing the Reading Room, but fees may be incurred for photocopies, scans, printed copies, PDFs, image licensing and other items.

Contact collections staff by email or at 847-968-3400 for more information.

Public Hours

Wednesday–Saturday 12–4 pm, walk-ins
Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays Closed

Lake County History Archives

The vast collections of the History Archives are available by appointment for research in the Reading Room. Appointments must be made three days in advance and confirmed by Dunn Museum staff. Primary source materials include, but are not limited to, photographs, postcards, Civil War correspondence, and school records.

Personal computers are welcome. Cameras, scanners and other personal copying devices are not permitted. Collections staff can make photocopies, scans or PDFs of most archival materials. See below for services and fees.

Contact collections staff by email or at 847-968-3400 for more information and to discuss your research project. 

Appointment Hours

Tuesday–Saturday 10 am–4 pm, by appointment
Mondays and Sundays Closed

Collections Online

Lake County School Histories

The links below take you to school history hosted online by the Illinois Digital Archives.

Antioch Township-Emmons School Deerfield Township-Highwood School Libertyville Township-Rondout School
Antioch Township-Hickory School Ela Township-Archer School Newport Township-Biddlecome School
Avon Township-Avon Center School Ela Township-Bennett School Newport Township-Browe School
Avon Township-East Fox Lake School Ela Township-Gilmer School Newport Township-West Newport School
Avon Township-Fort Hill School Ela Township-Lake Zurich School Shields Township-North Chicago School
Avon Township-Hainesville School Ela Township-Pomeroy School Shields Township-South School
Avon Township-Round Lake School Ela Township-Schultz School Shields Township-Vickerman School
Benton Township-21st Street School Fremont Township-Diamond Lake School Vernon Township-Half Day School
Benton Township-30th Street School Fremont Township-Gould School Vernon Township-Tripp School
Benton Township-Dickertown School Fremont Township-Ivanhoe School Warren Township-Stearns & Vose Schools
Cuba Township-Davlin School Fremont Township-Murray School Warren Township-Warrenton School
Cuba Township-Flint Creek School Grant Township-Big Hollow School Wauconda Township-Courtney School
Cuba Township-Honey Lake School Grant Township-Brick School Wauconda Township-Glynch School
Cuba Township-Porter School Grant Township-Fox Lake School Wauconda Township-Volo School
Deerfield Township-Briarwood School Grant Township-Gavin School Wauconda Township-Wauconda School
Deerfield Township-Deerfield Grammar School Lake Villa Township-Cribb School  
Deerfield Township-Wilmot School Libertyville Township-Butterfield School  


Collections on Illinois Digital Archives

The links will take you to our collections hosted by the Illinois Digital Archives.

Fort Sheridan Collection

Minto Family Collection

Gordon Ray Collection photos

The Rays (newsletters)

Research Requests

It's easy for researchers and history enthusiasts from Lake County or around the world to request research assistance. Research requests can be made by mail, phone 847-968-3400, or email.

Services and Fees

$20 per hour Staff research services, nonprofit use, billed when work begins
$40 per hour Staff research services, for-profit use, billed when work begins
$10 research fee This minimum fee, or other fees, may apply for research requests

Fees vary by use for the following requests:

  • Photocopies, scans or PDFs available for most archival materials
  • Image licensing
  • USPS postage for copies returned by mail
  • Postage is added to all mail orders.
  • Express mail services (FedEx, UPS) are used only when the researcher's account number is provided for direct billing


Bess Bower Dunn Museum of Lake County
Lake County History Archives
1899 W. Winchester Road | Libertyville, IL 60048 847-968-3400

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