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Mighty Acorns


Grades 3–5

Curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

During fall, winter and spring each year, students take a field trip to a local forest preserve and engage in a field study activity to explore the habitat, learn about the ecosystem, and participate in hands-on environmental restoration. Students complete a pre and post field trip study activity. These activities guide students to explore components of local ecosystems, issues that threaten the balance and biodiversity of local habitats, and actions we can take to care for nature.
Mighty Acorns is an environmental education program that connects students to multiple, meaningful and sustained interactions with their local ecosystems. The program is designed for 3rd–5th grade students and can be modified for other grade levels.


Program will be arranged at a forest preserve that meets your requirements and is closest to your school. 


$200 per class, up to 30 students 2 hours

Includes three field visits, curriculum for your grade level and teacher training. Visit the Mighty Acorns website for more details. 


Reservations are taken by phone. Make reservations now—plan early to help ensure you get a schedule that meets your needs. Call Jan Ward, 847-968-3337, to discuss a schedule and a preserve that will work for you. Learn more »

Teachers and chaperones are required for each visit, and are responsible for maintaining discipline, setting a good example and helping students stay focused on the program and safety.

Because students will be working with tools for the invasive species removal portion of this program, all students are required to sign and return the Waiver and Release form