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18017 Wetland Invasive Plant Control at Grassy Lake Forest Preserve

Owner invites sealed Bidder’s Proposals for the Work described in detail in the Contract and generally described as follows:

This project seeks to control common wetland invasive plants (Typha species [Cattail], Phragmites australis [Common reed], and Phalaris arundinaceae [Reed canary grass]) within 45 acres of Grassy Lake Forest Preserve FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE GROWING SEASONS, 2018 AND 2019.

Within the 45 acre project area, there is a 24 acre area targeted for control of Cattail that is mixed with high quality sedge meadow species, including 0.6 acres of Common reed, and a 21 acre area targeted for control of 6 acres of scattered Reed canary grass.

The density of Cattail in the 24 acre area are generally moderate to low (cover of 10% to 50%) mixed with native sedges and forbs.  This 24 acre area has not been treated in the past for Cattail.  In 2017, the 0.6 acres of Common reed was wicked for the first time with Habitat herbicide.

The 21 acre area targeted for control of 6 acres of scattered Reed canary grass is characterized by 2 acres of dense Reed canary mixed with native sedge meadow species in the southwest and south margin of the sedge meadow (this has never been treated) and 4 acres of Reed canary grass scattered throughout the northern and eastern portion of the project area mixed with sedges and forbs (the 4 acres was first treated in 2017).

Application methods for mid-summer Cattail and Common reed control shall include limited backpack spot spray application (less than one acre) and a significant amount of bar wicking and hand wicking with an aquatic-approved herbicide to achieve a 99% top-kill each year.  Reed canary grass shall be treated in the spring and fall each year (all treatments achieving a 97% top-kill) with backpack spot spray application.  All areas slated for herbicide application shall be accessed on foot, but a gravel trail allows for access to all portions of the project area perimeter except the southern boundary.  

The Work shall be performed at the following Work Site:

Grassy Lake Forest Preserve

Barrington, Illinois

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Due Date/Time:
12/22/2017 10:00 AM, CST
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