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18010 Lake Plain Invasive Plant Strike Team Spring Bluff Forest Preserve

Owner invites sealed Bidder’s Proposals for the Work described in detail in the Contract and generally described as follows:

Funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Sustain Our Great Lakes Stewardship Program with funding from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service,  the Lake Plain Strike Team will provide Lake Plain landowners a means to effectively and efficiently control a suite of 18 priority invasive plant species across approximately 350 populations within 6000 acres of high quality coastal natural areas in Kenosha County Wisconsin and Lake County Illinois, complementing on-going habitat restoration work and expanding the reach of a regional Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) strategy in northeast Illinois and southeast Wisconsin.  Working on an hourly basis, the Contractor shall provide invasive plant management control for three years with the majority of the work occurring during the growing season.

The coastal natural areas located between the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin and Waukegan, Illinois support the best remaining and most diverse ecosystems along the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan.  Partners included in this project include the Owner (Lake County Forest Preserve District, Spring Bluff), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Kenosha Dunes and Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area), The Nature Conservancy (Wisconsin Chapter), University of Wisconsin Parkside (Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area), Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund, Inc (Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area), the Village of Pleasant Prairie (Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area and other lands), Village of Winthrop Harbor (Novotny and Fossland Park), Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Illinois Beach State Park and Nature Preserve), Zion Park District (Hosha Prairie, Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Site), Zion Solutions and Exelon (lands associated with the decommissioned nuclear power plant), Waukegan Park District (Glen Flora Ravine),  The Owner shall lead the coordination of Lake Plain Strike Team work.  Both the Owner and the Partners shall work directly with the contractor awarded this project to schedule, communicate and implement the day to day Work of this project.  The Owner shall be the Project Manager and provide general oversight of the contract, administer payment applications, share herbicide application and GIS records.

The overall goal of this project is the protection and enhancement of existing high quality resources, including maintenance of native plant community composition and habitat structure in coastal wetlands, associated uplands and beaches to provide suitable habitat for rare plant and wildlife species, as well as habitat for more common native species that contribute to the significant biological diversity of the coastal area.  Focusing on a suite of invasive species that regional experts and local land managers agree are either of early detection status or are high priority for containment allows partners to focus limited funds in a coordinated approach, utilizing consistent, proven control methods and best management practices with an objective of controlling approximately 350  target invasive plant populations.  Many of these populations are located near or within populations of rare plants species, many state-listed in Illinois and or Wisconsin

The Contractor shall provide herbicides, water for mixing, surfactants, water conditioners, dye and all labor and equipment, including vehicles, sprayers, wick applicators, and time for travel and mixing of herbicide (off-site), etc., based on an hourly rate, to complete the projects.  Water is not available at Work Sites.

The Work shall be performed at the following Work Sites of the OWNER and PARTNERS:

·        Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

·        Kenosha Dunes, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

·        Village of Pleasant Prairie Park Lands; Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

·        Spring Bluff Forest Preserve, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

·        Novotny / Fossland Park, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

·        Illinois Beach State Park North Unit, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

·        Zion Nuclear Power Plant, Zion, Illinois

·        Illinois Beach State Park South Unit, Zion and Beach Park, Illinois

·        Bowen Park, Glen Flora Ravine, Waukegan Illinois

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Due Date/Time:
11/08/2017 10:00 AM, CST
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