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Horse-drawn Vehicle Use


In the time before automobiles became popular, many people traveled by horse and buggy in the summer and by sleigh in the winter. It can still be done, right here in Lake County.

Privately-owned horse-drawn carts, gigs and sleighs have access to roam nearly three miles of trails specifically designated for their use.

Dog Sledding
Horse-drawn vehicle trails are located in the Dog Sled Area, which is also used by dog sledders and skijorers. Learn more »

Permit Required

An annual permit allows one cart or sleigh team access to the trails at the Dog Sled Area. A team consists of no more than one vehicle and up to two horses or ponies. Annual permits are valid for the calendar year only, and are not prorated.

Annual Permit Fee
$50 Lake County residents
$100 nonresidents

How to Purchase
Before you can purchase a permit, you'll need the license plate number for each car you wish to register.

Hours & Location

6:30 am–sunset, daily.

Horse-drawn vehicle trails are located in the Dog Sled Area, which offers visitors an open, rolling grass field. It is part of the larger Waukegan Savanna Forest Preserve. Entrance is on the north side of Yorkhouse Road just west of Delaney Road.

Trail Courtesy

  • Horses must be hitched or on a lead at all times.
  • Pony and horse-drawn vehicles are allowed but not other draft animals.
  • Horses may not be released into pasture.
  • Horse-drawn vehicles must stay on the designated trails and must yield to all other trail users.
  • Pass only when necessary.
  • Pass on the left and announce passing by calling “TRAIL!”
  • Hikers and skiers must yield to horse-drawn vehicles.

For Assistance or to Report a Problem

For emergencies call 911. For nonemergencies, call 847-549-5200 and ask to speak to a Ranger. You can also contact our Public Safety Office at 847-968-3411, weekdays 6:30 am–3 pm.
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