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Lake County Forest Preserves | Preservation, Restoration, Education and Recreation


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Board of Commissioners

A 21-member elected Board of Commissioners governs your Lake County Forest Preserves. They guide the agency's mission and approve all land acquisitions, restoration and improvement projects, educational and cultural programs, the annual budget and other administrative actions. View Board member compensation. These same officials also serve as County Board members, overseeing all other aspects of Lake County government.

Integrity | Accountability

Each elected member of our Board is committed to being open, transparent and accountable for their actions as they govern and make decisions on behalf of their constituents and for the sustainability of the Lake County Forest Preserves. They lead with integrity and professionalism as public servants to you and the land. If you have any questions about actions or decisions made by Board members, or if you would like to invite a member to speak to your community group, school or other organization, please contact them directly.

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Elected Officials | 2016–2018

President: Ann B. Maine, Lincolnshire (District 21)

Treasurer: S. Michael Rummel, Lake Forest (District 12)

Vice President: Linda Pedersen, Antioch (District 1)

Assistant Treasurer: Jeff WerfelGrayslake (District 6)

Officers of the Board & Executive Office

Executive Director: Alex Ty Kovach
Deputy Treasurer: Steve Neaman
Secretary: Julie Gragnani
Assistant Secretary: Maureen Shelton



Each member of our Board serves on one or more standing committees, and may also be appointed by the president to special committees.

Standing Committees

Supervises all financial affairs and policies of the District, including bond issues; applications for grants; preparation of budgets, appropriations and tax levies; wage and job classification policies; compensation and benefit program; revisions to personnel policies; collective bargaining; insurance and safety; user fees; facility license and concession agreements; encroachments; and all legislative and legal matters. The committee also reviews fundraising strategies. The committee may not commit funds or incur liabilities except as approved or authorized by the Board.

S. Michael Rummel, Chair
Linda Pedersen, Vice Chair
Steve Carlson
Bill Durkin
Sandy Hart
Aaron Lawlor
Mary Ross Cunningham

Reviews and makes recommendations concerning operational affairs and policies of the District, including all general regulations pertaining to the operation, maintenance, programming and promotion of all District properties; the use of District facilities, programs and services; and the conservation of District lands, waters, flora and fauna. 

Craig Taylor, Chair
Mary Ross Cunningham, Vice Chair
Chuck Bartels
Steve Carlson
Michael Danforth
Bill Durkin
Diane Hewitt
Judy Martini
Vance Wyatt
Brent Paxton
S. Michael Rummel

Responsible for studying and reviewing potential land acquisition sites, and, where appropriate, obtains appraisals, surveys, environmental reports, title reports and other acquisition information; recommends acquisition of sites to the Board; reviews, provides direction to staff regarding, and recommending approval of any agreement proposed by an owner of property adjacent to the District's property.

The committee sends any plan or use that would (i) have a significant impact on District land or other District plans or uses, or (ii) involve a new use of such land, to all standing committees so that they have an opportunity, within a 120-day time period, to review the potential impacts. If the committee votes to recommend the approval of such plan or use after review has been provided, the plan or use will be implemented only after it has been prioritized and funded as part of the annual budget policies review, budget ordinance, and appropriation ordinance process. 

Carol Calabresa, Chair
Sidney Mathias, Vice Chair
Paul Frank
Sandy Hart
Linda Pedersen
Craig Taylor
Tom Weber
Jeff Werfel
Terry Wilke

Considers all proposed new rules and amendments to the Board's Rules of Order and Operational Procedure, and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for adoption.

Jeff Werfel, Chair
Bill Durkin
Sandy Hart
Sidney Mathias
Linda Pedersen
S. Michael Rummel

Special Committees

Diversity and Cultural Awareness
Meets as needed to discuss topics related to diversity and cultural awareness.

Sidney Mathias, Chair
Terry Wilke, Vice Chair
Mary Ross Cunningham
Ann Maine
Craig Taylor

Meets as needed to review the existing ordinance regulating ethical conduct and political activity by elected officials and employees, and recommends revisions to the Board of Commissioners.

Chuck Bartels, Chair
Bill Durkin, Vice Chair
Carol Calabresa
Paul Frank
Linda Pedersen

Outside Board Members and Liaisons

Illinois Association of Park Districts
Judy Martini, Liaison

Lake Michigan Watershed Ecosystem Partnership
Paul Frank, Representative

Latino Coalition
Mary Ross Cunningham, Representative

Preservation Foundation of The Lake County Forest Preserves Board of Directors
Ann B. Maine
S. Michael Rummel

Members of The Preservation Foundation of the Lake County Forest Preserves
Ann B. Maine
Carol Calabresa
Paul Frank
Linda Pedersen
Craig Taylor
S. Michael Rummel

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Board Liaison
Tom Weber

Legal Appointments

Corporate Counsel and Parliamentarian
Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella

Outside Ethics Advisor 
John B. Murphey, Partner
Rosenthal, Murphey, Coblentz & Donahue
30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1624
Chicago, IL 60602


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Congressman Robert Dold (R-Illinois, 10th District, Waukegan, Highland Park, Round Lake Beach) speaking on the floor of the United States House of Representatives on June 4, 2015, about our 100-year Vision for Lake County.


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