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Purchasing and Bids faq

Questions & Answers

Q: What’s the difference between bids and RFPs?

Bids are required for items over $30,000. Quotes are required for items under $30,000. Requests for proposals may be required for both processes depending on the project.

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Q: Where are bids advertised?

In the Lake County News-Sun.

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Q: Do I need to become a registered supplier?

Yes, registration is required if you wish to participate fully in our purchasing process, download documents, submit proposals or receive notifications or e-alerts.

If you only wish to view active bids and proposals then you do not need to register.

You can also obtain documents by calling our office at 847-968-3333 or emailing us.


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Q: When are formal bids due?

Formal bids must be received on or before the date and time specified. Late bids will not be accepted.

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Q: Will late bids be accepted?


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Q: When can I get bid results?

Bid results are available on our Purchasing & Bids web page the morning after the bid due date. RFP results are not published.

To obtain results for bids that are not posted, email or call us at 847-968-3333.

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Q: Having trouble downloading or printing an item?

Email or call us at 847-968-3333.

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