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Picnic Shelters

Youth Camping Fox River

Fee is per night.

This beautiful area provides a rustic camping experience for scouts and other organized youth groups with adult supervision. This campground is equipped with multiple fire rings, and toilets.

Permit Required

Applications for use of the campgrounds are reviewed and approved prior to issuing a permit. Permits are available after January 1 for a given year.

How to Purchase
Call or visit our General Offices in Libertyville, 847-367-6640, 8 am–4:30 pm, weekdays.

There is a $5 fee to change the date, location or number of people (subject to availability) after your reservation has been finalized. Permits are not refundable.

Request Your Permit Today

Note: Permit request form may not open on a mobile device. Once you submit the form, the window will automatically close and you will receive a confirmation email.

For Assistance or to Report a Problem

For emergencies call 911. For nonemergencies, call 847-549-5200 and ask to speak to a Ranger. You can also contact our Public Safety Office at 847-968-3404, 6:30 am–3 pm, weekdays.

Rules and Regulations

ARRIVAL: All groups must arrive by sunset. 

RESPONSIBILITY:  Clean the camp site before leaving your event.  The permit holder is responsible for the actions of guests and for the overall cleanliness of the camp site area after the event.  If the area is damaged or left in disarray, the permit holder may be billed for cleanup or repair.  

Camp Site Permits are for YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS ONLY, such a scouts and other organized youth groups with adult supervision.  There is no family camping and/or adult camping in the forest preserves.

There is a limit of 40 campers at Fox River Preserve and 60 campers at Van Patten Woods.  Only ONE youth organization will be booked at a specific date/location. 

The FEE is $60 per night for Lake County residents and $120 for nonresidents.  Permit fees are not refundable.  Based on availabity, you may change the camp site location or date on your reservation for a nominal fee up to 24 hours prior to your event.  The new date must be within the same calendar year that the original permit was purchased.

Gate Code: 2024

Shelter Features:

Fox River Youth Camping

Special Amenities


Special Activities:

Any vendors hired by the permit holder to provide special activities, including catering, must be licensed with the Lake County Forest Preserve District for the current year. Approved vendors for each special activity permitted at this shelter are listed in document below.

Special activities allowed at this shelter are:


Licensed Vendors:

Vendor List