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Lake County has one of the largest populations of Blanding’s turtles in the Midwest. This charismatic long-lived species with the yellow chin and permanent smile is threatened or endangered throughout its range.

Our Lake County population is healthy and growing thanks to our popular Adopt-a-Turtle Program, which has raised more than $70,729 since 2016.

Become a Founders Circle Turtle Champion

We’re calling all turtle lovers to consider a leadership gift to help establish a NEW population of Blanding’s turtles in Lake County. You can become a Founders Circle Turtle Champion by making a $1,000 donation to support one turtle. Use the form below to get started. The more you can give, the more turtle hatchlings you can support in this effort.  

Introducing a new population of Blanding’s turtles and helping them survive and thrive after being released in nature requires extensive monitoring and research. Every dollar raised will be used to monitor the health of this new population, and the results of this work will guide program management decisions in the coming years.

Benefits of the Founders Circle

Founders Circle Turtle Champions can:

  • Name your Founders Turtle
  • Join Forest Preserve wildlife ecologists on a field trip to track turtles
  • Receive a picture of your turtle’s plastron (its unique underside). Access growth charts and updates about your turtle 24/7
  • Receive updates if your turtle is located during population monitoring

Call or email us.

Preservation Foundation of the Lake County Forest Preserves
1899 West Winchester Road
Libertyville, IL 60048
847-367-6649 fax

Blanding's Turtles

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