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An Evening with Joel Sartore

Benefiting the Lake County Forest Preserves

It’s Not About Us | Preservation Foundation

The 31,100 acres protected by the Lake County Forest Preserves are a big part of what makes the quality of life in the county great. For people, and for the thousands of other species we share these spaces with. More threatened and endangered species live in Lake County than anywhere else in Illinois. Habitat restoration supports the richness and resilience of human, plant and animal communities. But it costs about $75 per year to keep one acre of a forest preserve healthy.

If you like what the forest preserves do for you, consider donating to the endowment campaign. Your gift will help provide a perpetual, dependable funding source and ensure every acre of habitat we restore remains ecologically healthy.

Journalist Bill Kurtis returns to tell you a story about meaningful change and a better future. Because … it’s not about us.

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