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Military and Civilian Reenactors 2018

CivilWarDaysThe registration deadline is June 1, 2018.

Registrations must include a complete list of all members who will be attending—if you are not sure if one of your members will attend, err on the side of caution and include their names on your list.

Use the form below or download the registration form. Return registration materials to:

Civil War Coordinator
Bess Bower Dunn Museum
1899 W. Winchester Rd. 
Libertyville, IL 60048


There will be a limited number of bounties for artillery and for horses, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Register early!

Please note: Units that qualify for bounties will be notified in advance of the event. If you do not receive a notification, you did not qualify for a bounty. A valid Tax ID or Social Security number is required to collect the bounty at the end of the event weekend, no exceptions.


We will be hosting a number of different contests and competitions for reenactors to participate in this year. Please see the descriptions below for more information and indicate your interest on the registration form.

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Camp Cooking Contest

This contest is designed not just to test the culinary skills of the reenactors, but to emphasize authenticity.  Each camp wishing to participate should indicate such on their registration form or when they register at the event.  Materials for cooking will not be provided.  Each camp will be responsible for their menu and should bring whatever material they deem correct to their impression.  Emphasis will be place on the accuracy of the meal to the overall camp impression.  The judges will visit each camp to learn about the camp impression.  They will take notes on such aspects of the meal as how the food was obtained, what implements are used in the preparation, what the camp is representing and the consistency of the meal to that impression.  Each camp should be able to explain what their impression represents, where they are camped, and any other information requested consistent with your impression. 

Our goal is to show the public another aspect of life during the Civil War.  We take for granted the ability to walk into a grocery store and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables regardless of season.  This was not how life was lived 150 years ago.  When preparing your meal please consider what would reasonably be available to your camp.   Our desire is to help educate the public on everyday life and we would appreciate your help with this goal.

Infantry Loading and Firing

The following contest is open to all reenactors both federal and confederate armed with a three band muzzle loading musket (standard infantry weapons).

Each contestant will load and fire a blank cartridge from the standing, kneeing and prone position. Loading procedure will follow standard drill manuals (Casey’s, Hardee’s Gilham’s) and time penalties will be assessed for deviations from loading procedures. Timing will begin with the command “load.”  Each contestant will load (including ramming) and fire form the standing position. Then take the kneeing position and load (including ramming) and fire from the knee.  Then the contestant will move to the prone position and load (including ramming) and fire from the prone. Timing will cease when the contestant discharges the third round. Contestants will begin with an unloaded musket, and will not begin loading till the command is given. The contestant cannot handle a cartridge or begin reloading until the move to the next position. That is the contestant cannot reload while standing and then move to the knee to fire or load while kneeing and then move to the prone to fire. The judges will assess time penalties for deviations from the contestant’s selected infantry manual. 

Skillet Toss

Come one, come all.  Try your hand at the Great Lake County Summer Fair Skillet Toss.  How far can you throw a 12" cast iron skillet?  How close can you get it to a specific target?  Competitions for distance and for accuracy.  Entries open to all.  Catagories for Gentlemen, Ladies and Children under 16.  Ribbons to be awarded for Win, Place and Show.

Cavalry Weapons & Horsemanship Challenge

The Cavalry Weapons Skills and Horsemanship Challenge will be loosely based on actual cavalry competitions.
Troopers will be asked to demonstrate their horsemanship abilities, pistol (and possibly sabre) skills over a proscribed course that will have a given time to negoticate. Pistols will be loaded with blanks and targets will be balloons. Sabres shall be of 1860 or earlier Cavalry/Dragoon patterns. Pistols shall be of 1860 Navy or Cavalry .44 cal. pattern.
In the Horsemanship Skills phase,Troopers may be asked to mount/dismount correctly, show abilities to handle their horses at various gaits (walk/trot/canter) and proper equipment for their impressions.
Awards will be presented for both phases.

Military, Civilian and Summer Fair Registration

* Field is Required

Number of Tents:

Please indicate which members of your group (if any) are interested in participating in the following competition:
Summer Fair Registrants Only
Please give as much detail as possible; the Summer Fair is a juried venue and approval is required from the Fair Committee to attend. If using period-correct broadsides, pamphlets or other reproduction ephemera, please provide examples. If you are new to this event or are considering a drastic change, photographs of your proposed interpretation are strongly encouraged.
* No other items or services will be allowed once this list is approved.
Terms and Conditions
By checking this box I acknowledge it is fully understood and agreed that to the fullest extent permitted by law, the registrants shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Lake County Forest Preserve District, its officials, employees, volunteers and agents against any and all liabilities, claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising indirectly or directly in connection with or under, or as a result of this Agreement. By submitting this registration, we agree to abide by the event’s guidelines.


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