10200 Blanchard Road
Waukegan,IL 60087
345 acres
6:30 am–sunset, daily.

Lyons Woods

Move from pine grove to prairie to oak woodland as you relax at this gem of a spot. This scenic 345-acre preserve in Waukegan includes a contrasting mix of terrain ideal for trail enthusiasts. 

Lyons Woods has 2.5 miles of gravel trails for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. Trails here tie into the McClory Trail, a regional path managed by the Lake County Department of Transportation, and also connect to local trails, parks and communities via the Lyons Woods to Waukegan Savanna Trail.

Please keep dogs leashed and on trails at all times, and pick up after them. Learn about our Off-Leash Dog Areas (permit required).




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More About This Preserve

The Natural Scene

Prairies, savannas, woodlands and wetlands offer an impressive array of habitat for birds, wildlife and plants. In the prairie, you'll find native plants such as prairie dropseed, big bluestem, goldenrod and smooth rose. The woods, sitting atop the bluff lands of Lake Michigan, contain large stands of white, bur and black oaks.

Five state endangered species take refuge here––one is so rare its existence in the nation is threatened. Our ecologists and volunteers give special attention to these species, but also work hard to protect and restore the preserve's many other habitats. We've planted more than 1,000 native trees and shrubs here. We also use several techniques to keep non-native species at bay, such as controlled burning and selective clearing.

Lyons Woods is a birder’s paradise and part of the Lake Michigan flyway. Migrants that pass through during spring and fall migration are northern goshawk, townsend's solitaire, and white-winged crossbill.

It also has one of the highest diversities of breeding warblers of any natural area in Lake County, including the common yellowthroat, the blue-winged warbler and the ovenbird. An observation deck makes it easy to view the variety of bird species and other wildlife found here.

In winter, the evergreen grove by the parking lot often shelters several birds not normally seen this far south, such as the long-eared owl. Once a tree nursery, the evergreens are not native to this area. 


Lyons Woods is named for the Lyons family of Waukegan. Isaac Reed Lyons came here from Massachusetts in 1843. He owned a grocery and dry goods store in Waukegan and served as an alderman and township supervisor.

Philip Blanchard was another notable owner of this land. Born in New York in 1804, he moved to the area when he was 33 years old and eventually became a Warren Township judge. During the Civil War, Blanchard is known to have assisted slaves in gaining their freedom through the underground railroad. It is quite possible that runaway slaves stayed at this Lyons Woods property on their way to Canada. In 1868, Blanchard donated his land for a schoolhouse, which stood at the corner of Sheridan and Blanchard Roads and operated until 1940. The building was later used as a tavern.

Other early landowners include Alson Smith Sherman, who was mayor of Chicago in 1844, and Asiel Blodgett, who was a captain in the Civil War and later mayor of Waukegan. Around 1940, George Pavlik acquired land at the preserve's southeast corner and established the nursery that gave rise to the evergreen grove now seen near the parking lot. Pavlik had an unusual passion for pine trees. Pines eventually became popular and his were sought after for projects at places ranging from estates in Lake Forest to the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

This land was acquired as a forest preserve in parcels between 1976 and 1986. Trails and parking opened here in 1996. They were made possible by voter support of a Forest Preserve referendum.


The entrance is on Blanchard Road, just west of Sheridan Road and south of Yorkhouse Road.