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Picnic Shelters

Fox River Shelter A


Per day, per shelter, weekends and holidays (Holidays as Observed: Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day).
Number of People Resident Nonresident
1-100 $140.00 $230.00
For each additional group of 10 people, add $20.00.

Per day, per shelter, weekdays and non-holidays (Holidays as Observed: Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day).
Number of People Resident Nonresident
1-100 $130.00 $210.00
For each additional group of 10 people, add $20.00.


Located within the Fox River Forest Preserve in Port Barrington, this large rustic shelter sits adjacent to trails and parking and offers a beautiful view of the river. A large stone fireplace adds to the shelter's ambience.

Access Shelter A from the preserve's main entrance on Roberts Road, turn right at first intersection and follow road to the first parking lot on the left.

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Rules and Regulations


For your safety and enjoyment, please...

  • Leave nature as you find it for others to enjoy.
  • Leash and pick up litter from pets.
  • Smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of playgrounds.
  • Clean the shelter area before leaving your event.
  • Decorations and directional signs are permitted, but may not be attached to Forest Preserves signs. Use only twine or thumbtacks to attach decorations to the shelter. Do not use any forms of tape, staple guns, nails, screws or fishing line to attach decorations. All decorations, signs, twine and thumbtacks must be removed when event is finished.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted; must be 21 years or older. No alcohol consumption within 100 feet of parking lots. Host liquor liability insurance is available but not mandatory.
  • Park only in lots. Loitering in lots is prohibited. Vehicles left after closing will be towed at owner's expense.
  • Service roads may be used for unloading and loading only. Do not leave vehicles parked on service road. If you need use of the service road, place a request for the gate to be dropped at the time you reserve the shelter.





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Shelter Features:


Maximum Capacity

350: Shelter and surrounding area
288: Under the shelter roof

Total Picnic Tables and Grills

46 Tables
  1 Grill


  • Water and toilets may not be available mid-October–May.
  • Band/DJ must face the river to minimize disturbance to other preserve guests and neighbors.


Special Amenities

Picnic Tables
Flush Toilets
Drinking Water
Public Parking
Running Water

Special Activities:

Any vendors hired by the permit holder to provide special activities, including catering, must be licensed with the Lake County Forest Preserve District for the current year. Approved vendors for each special activity permitted at this shelter are listed in document below.

Special activities allowed at this shelter are:

Tent (Large)
Tent (Small)

Licensed Vendors:

Vendor List