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Teacher Institute Day 1 only
Water Ecology


Teacher Institute Day 1 only
Water Ecology

Monday, August 01

9 AM - 3 PM

Middle and high school teachers

Registration is closed.


Teachers will learn first-hand about the work of the Forest Preserves and its Dunn Museum through immersive onsite experiences led by history and environmental education staff, along with museum curators, landscape architects, ecologists and more. Each day will include authentic, real-world experiences focused on the local environment and history. This program will support state learning standards for middle and high school curriculum.

This registration is for Day 1 only. To register for the full week click here.

Day 1: Introduction to Dunn Museum & Forest Preserve Resources, Water Ecology

Increase knowledge of the unique history of Lake County, and resources that teachers and students can utilize from the Dunn Museum’s collection with guided tours and discussion with museum staff.

Understand how watersheds impact water quality and learn abiotic and biotic water sampling protocols through hands-on Lake Ecology activities at Independence Grove Forest Preserve.

For more details visit the Summer 2022 Teacher Institute website.


Eileen Davis

Guest Speaker

Nicole Stocker

April Vaos

Alyssa Firkus

Anissa Chaudhry

Dunn Museum 1899 West Winchester Road
Libertyville, IL, 60048

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