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Mindful Moments with History
Life in Poetry

Vintage photo of a seated woman wearing a long dress

Mindful Moments with History
Life in Poetry

Saturday, April 06

10 AM - 11 AM



Adults $8.00 $12.00

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Registration is open.

Registration closes at 12 am CST the day of the program.

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Available seats: 20


Poetry has long provided a creative outlet for people to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Take a closer look at poetry in the Dunn Museum's collection related to Susannah Smith (later Minto) from the late 1800s to see what we can learn about life then and now during National Poetry month.

We often hear that we can learn larger lessons from the past, but what can we learn from the lives of historic figures that we can apply in our own every day lives. In this series we will explore the various ways that we can learn from both the triumphs and the failures of those who came before us, which will help us better understand our shared human experience. 


Nicole Stocker

Dunn Museum 1899 West Winchester Road
Libertyville, IL, 60048

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