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Annual Model Aircraft Flying Field Permit

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Terms of Agreement
For everyone's safety and enjoyment, please adhere to the following rules, regulations and restrictions while visiting the Model Aircraft Flying Field. Violation may result in a fine or suspension of permit use. For questions or a complete list of rules, you can view all ordinances governing the use of preserves and trails, or call 847-549-5200 and ask to speak to a Ranger.

  • I acknowledge that the Lake County Forest Preserves is allowing the use of open lands for the purpose of flying model airplanes, and has not undertaken to provide any sort of facilities or modifications or improvements to the land for this use.
  • I agree to release the Lake County Forest Preserves from any liability in connection with this activity. The permit holder further agrees to hold the Lake County Forest Preserves harmless, defend all actions against, and pay any judgments which may be returned against it by any person as a result of liability from activities in flying or operating model airplanes on forest preserve property.
  • In consideration of the permit granted to operate a radio-controlled model aircraft on forest preserve property, the permit holder agrees to abide by all of the customary and usual safety precautions surrounding the flying of model airplanes.
  • Permit holder agrees to use reasonable care at all times for personal safety and the safety of others and to adhere to the permit rules listed below.
I have read and agree to the above Terms of Agreement

Field Rules and Regulations

  • The flying of any form of model aircraft within forest preserves is prohibited except in those areas designated for such use.
  • Use of designated areas shall be on a first-come, first-served basis except that exclusive use may be reserved in advance upon written request to the Lake County Forest Preserves Executive Director, 1899 West Winchester Road, Libertyville, IL 60048. Requests should give a description of the event, date, time, name of organization, and other such information as may be required.
  • Organizations requesting reserved and exclusive use must first submit evidence of their affiliation with the Academy of Model Aeronautics and furnish proof of public liability insurance in the minimum amounts of $1 million per person and $1 million per occurrence, naming the Lake County Forest Preserves as the insured.
  • An individual using the facility must have in his or her possession a valid model flyer’s license issued by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, or other equal proof of liability insurance and competence, and a valid Forest Preserve permit. The permit must be displayed on the frequency board while flying the aircraft.
  • All aircraft powered by engines must be fitted with a muffler conforming to AMA guidelines of 90dB at 9 feet and must not weigh more than 55 pounds.
  • Model aircraft fields will be maintained by the Lake County Forest Preserves in a manner equal to regular picnic areas. Further maintenance by private groups will be permitted only upon written request to the Executive Director at the address above.
  • All motorized vehicles shall be parked in the designated parking areas.
  • Spectators shall remain in the spectator area behind the fence. Only pilots and their crew shall be allowed into the pit area, flight area or flying field.
  • No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by flyers while at the flying site.
  • There shall be no flying of any sort beyond the flying zone, over pit area, flight area, parking or other designated restricted areas. This includes any maneuver, take-off or landing approach. no flying over entrance road except when required for proper landing.
  • All flyers are to use only the designated pit area.
  • Flyers shall attempt to maintain a minimum 10-foot spacing between one another while on the flight line.
  • Except for take-off and landing, the pilot shall remain behind the safety buffer and near a designated pilot flight station while flying. The only exceptions are for take-off and landing or retrieving an aircraft. One additional flight station has been provided at the far west end of the north pit area for helicopter training only. This station is to be used for helicopter practice within approximately 50 feet of the flight station only. While using this flight station, flight over the restricted areas or east of the spectator area is expressly prohibited.
  • Each transmitter in use at the field shall have the appropriate frequency flag attached to the antenna. New or rebuilt transmitters must be range-checked prior to flying.
  • The frequency control system in use at each field must be strictly observed at all times. No transmitter shall be turned on without insuring a clear channel (please check frequency board). Extra precaution such as knowing every other pilot on your frequency and checking other transmitters in the area are encouraged.
  • Each flyer shall announce to the other flyers any unusual or urgent situations such as walking onto the flying field, dead stick landings, loss of control or even normal take-offs and landings if such action could represent a hazard to the other flyers or their planes.
  • No aircraft shall be flown beyond the range of good visibility or control.
  • One flight allowed at a time per frequency. Yield use for your radio frequency to awaiting flyers in rotation.
  • For the safety of our Operations staff, flying is prohibited while the field is being mowed.

I have read agree to the above Rules and Regulations