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Lake County Forest Preserves | Preservation, Restoration, Education and Recreation

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Trail closures due to flooding

7/17/2017 4:13:00 PM
Some trails and preserves are closed due to flooding. Please check the interactive map for more details.

Trail Maps

As principal guardian of Lake County’s open space and natural areas since 1958, we manage nearly 31,000 acres of land for conservation, recreation and education––about six percent of all the land in Lake County, and it's packed with opportunities for you to explore.

Navigate Your Next Adventure

Use our trail maps to help navigate your next adventure in a forest preserve near you. Exercise, relax and spend quality time outdoors along 202 miles of trails in peaceful, natural settings. Find regional trail connections on the Lake County Division of Transportation's bicycle map. View a map of water trails in Northeastern Illinois.

For a map and chart of amenities for all preserves, download our Countywide Map and Guide brochure.

Before heading out, click the button below to check the current status (open/closed) of trails, underpasses and preserves.

Check Status of Trails and Preserves

Buffalo Creek

Trail Map - Buffalo Creek

Captain Daniel Wright Woods & Half Day

Trail Map - Captain Daniel Wright Woods and Half Day

Cuba Marsh

Trail Map - Cuba Marsh

Des Plaines River Trail

Trail Map - Des Plaines River Trail

Dog Sled Area

Trail Map - Dog Sled Area

Fort Hill Trail


Fort Sheridan

Trail Map - Fort Sheridan

Fourth Lake

Trail Map - Fourth Lake

Fox River


Grant Woods

Trail Map - Grant Woods

Grassy Lake



Trail Map - Greenbelt

Hastings Lake

Trail Map - Hastings Lake

Heron Creek


Independence Grove

Trail Map - Independence Grove

Lake Carina

Trail Map - Lake Carina

Lyons Woods

Trail Map - Lyons Woods

Marl Flat

Trail Map - Marl Flat

McDonald Woods

Trail Map - McDonald Woods

Middlefork Savanna

Trail Map - Middlefork Savanna

Millennium Trail

Trail Map - Millennium Trail Entire Length

Millennium Trail (from Singing Hills)

Trail Map - Millennium Trail from Singing Hills to Fairfield Park



Old School

Trail Map - Old School

Oriole Grove


Pine Dunes


Prairie Wolf

Trail Map - Prairie Wolf

Raven Glen

Trail Map - Raven Glen

Rollins Savanna

Trail Map - Rollins Savanna

Ryerson Woods

Trail Map - Ryerson Woods

Sedge Meadow

Trail Map - Sedge Meadow

Van Patten Woods

Trail Map - Van Patten Woods
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