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Lake County Nature

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lake-county-nature-blogThis blog is an active effort to keep readers informed of current natural events and to offer helpful suggestions for exploring local nature niches in Lake County, Illinois. For many people, “Nature” starts with a capital “N.” When asked to think of meaningful experiences in the outdoors, many minds automatically turn toward the grande vistas of huge National Parks or long road-trips to far-away destinations. But what might be most beneficial for our health and environment is finding nature niches closer to home. Connect daily, not once a year. Explore the trails, and find your niche in the Lake County Forest Preserves.

About the author  Jen Berlinghof is a graduate of Loyola University and The National Outdoor Leadership School, as well as a Certified Interpretive Guide through The National Association of Interpretation. Her work as an outdoor guide and naturalist has taken her from the canyon lands of Utah to the shores of Lake Superior. Since 2003, she has been discovering nature near her hometown and working as an Environmental Educator for the Lake County Forest Preserves in northern Illinois.

Behind the scenes  Assisting with editing and overall appearance is Allison Frederick. She is the Environmental Communications Specialist for the Lake County Forest Preserves in northern Illinois. This position began when her background in Forestry and Natural Resources from Purdue University crash-landed directly on top of a hybrid occupation between Environmental Education and Public Affairs. You may notice a shift to Allison’s “voice” from time to time when Jen is away exploring the aforementioned grande vistas.


Lake County History

Illuminating the past through photos, objects, and stories of people, events and the land. Visit blog »


lake-county-history-blogAbout the author  Diana Dretske is the Curator and Lake County historian for the Lake County Forest Preserves' Lake County Discovery Museum. Dretske is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Illinois State Historical Society for making outstanding contributions in promoting, preserving and commemorating Illinois history.
The Lake County Discovery Museum is a public educational institution devoted to preserving history through its collections and the presentation of inspiring exhibitions. Primary areas of expertise for research and programming include the history of Lake County, Illinois.
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