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Walk or Ride Single File to Maintain 6 Feet of Separation When Approaching on Trails

April 7, 2020 03:09 PM

We are urging people to follow social distancing rules when approaching others on trails from behind or from the opposite direction to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “It is essential that family groups of two or more break into a single file line and move off on the right shoulder of the trail to allow maximum space when approaching or passing others,” said Ty Kovach, Lake County Forest Preserves executive director.
"At this time, we intend to keep preserves and trails open during the state’s stay-at-home order, but it is essential that visitors step aside and maintain a 6-foot separation between people or family groups at all times and follow other public health guidelines while in parking lots or on trails," Kovach said. “If safe social distancing rules are not followed, we may be forced to close the trails and preserves immediately.” 
“The vast majority of our preserve trails are designed to accommodate social distancing. Most are at least 8 feet wide and many are 10 or 12 feet wide,” said Director of Operations Mike Tully.
Forest Preserve staff urges visitors to be flexible and respectful of fellow trail users. As you share the trails in your Lake County Forest Preserves with others, it is essential to maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times and on all sides.
When in the parking lot, wait until the area is clear of other nearby people before exiting or entering your car. “If a preserve parking lot is full, use our interactive trail map to find another nearby preserve,” Tully said.  
To date, all public buildings, restrooms, playgrounds, marinas, golf courses, visitor centers and dog exercise areas are closed. All educational programming has been canceled through the end of April. All picnic shelter and open area reservations and special use permits are canceled, and future requests will not be accepted through the month of April. 
Preserves are open 6:30 am to sunset but there is NO maintenance. Please pack it in, pack it out. Visitors are asked to leave no trash in the preserves, take everything out and recycle at home.

Check the here for updates regarding closures and cancellations.

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