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We are honored to host the 2023 Special Park District Forum. Over the years, the forum has been hosted by premier open space facilities, parks and recreation agencies and forest preserves throughout the United States and Canada. After a brief pause, the 2023 forum will present a unique and interactive experience to reconnect with park and recreation industry professionals.

The 2023 event theme “Charting the Waters” emphasizes the importance of both reconnecting with people and connecting with the land during these challenging years in a pandemic. The theme reflects this unique moment in time, challenges agencies like ours overcame to remain operational and highlights local community support during a global crisis. It will also highlight key priority conservation and recreation projects that focus on water resources—a key objective in our Road Map to 2025.

We invite you to join us for an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and share common experiences and best practices in recreation and leisure, education and programming, facilities and operations and natural resources management.

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    We have designed a lively and experiential week of activities.

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    Join us for the first forum since 2019!

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