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Ray Lake Grows Again

April 12, 2016 09:55 AM
Ray Lake

This spring, our Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of two new parcels of land as additions to Ray Lake Forest Preserve (Wauconda) -- 61.8 acres in March (White property) and 29.4 acres in April (Diebold property). Both parcels are in Fremont Township and are still under contract. Real estate closings should be complete this summer. 

The Diebold property is located north of Erhart Road and northeast of the preserve’s main entrance and parking lot. The White property spans both sides of Erhart Road and surrounds the Diebold property on two sides. These new parcels adjoin a larger 338-acre addition that was approved for purchase late last fall and closed in February (Cuneo property). Another 15-acre addition was approved in January and closed in February (DesMarais Estate property). All together, these properties increase Ray Lake's total acreage to 1,039, making it the sixth largest forest preserve in Lake County. 



Media Contact: Alex Ty Kovach, Executive Director, 847-968-3338, akovach@LCFPD.org.





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