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President Names Key Appointments

December 14, 2016 02:00 PM
Lake County Forest Preserves

At the Tuesday, December 13 special call meeting of the Lake County Forest Preserves, Board President Ann Maine named her officer and committee appointments. All will serve two-year terms that end December 2018.

Officer Appointments

  • S. Michael Rummel, Treasurer
  • Audrey Nixon, Assistant Treasurer

Standing Committees

Finance Committee

S. Michael Rummel, Chair
Linda Pedersen, Vice Chair

  • Steve Carlson
  • Bill Durkin
  • Sandy Hart
  • Aaron Lawler
  • Audrey Nixon

Operations Committee

Craig Taylor, Chair
Mary Ross Cunningham, Vice Chair

  • Chuck Bartels
  • Steve Carlson
  • Bill Durkin
  • Diane Hewitt
  • Judy Martini
  • Audrey Nixon
  • Brent Paxton
  • S. Michael Rummel
  • Nick Sauer

Planning Committee

Carol Calabresa, Chair
Sidney Mathias, Vice Chair 

  • Paul Frank
  • Sandy Hart
  • Linda Pedersen
  • Craig Taylor
  • Tom Weber
  • Jeff Werfel
  • Terry Wilke

Rules Committee

Jeff Werfel, Chair 
Audrey Nixon, Vice Chair

  • Bill Durkin
  • Sandy Hart
  • Sidney Mathias
  • Linda Pedersen
  • S. Michael Rummel

Special Committees

Diversity and Cultural Awareness Committee
Meets as needed to discuss topics related to diversity and cultural awareness.

Audrey Nixon, Chair 
Sidney Mathias, Vice Chair 

  • Mary Ross Cunningham
  • Nick Sauer
  • Terry Wilke

Ethics Committee
Meets as needed to review the existing ordinance regulating ethical conduct and political activity by elected officials and employees, and recommends revisions to the Board of Commissioners.

Chuck Bartels, Chair 
Bill Durkin, Vice Chair 

  • Carol Calabresa
  • Paul Frank
  • Linda Pedersen

Illinois Association of Park Districts 
Judy Martini, Liaison

Lake Michigan Watershed Ecosystem Partnership 
Paul Frank, Representative

Latino Coalition 
Mary Ross Cunningham, Representative

Members of The Preservation Foundation of the Lake County Forest Preserves 
Ann B. Maine
Carol Calabresa
Paul Frank
Linda Pedersen
Craig Taylor
S. Michael Rummel

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Board Liaison 
Tom Weber

On December 5, Commissioners chose to retain Ann Maine of Lincolnshire as President and Linda Pedersen of Antioch as Vice President. Both will serve two-year terms that end December 2018.

View upcoming Board and Committee meetings.


Media Contact: Alex Ty Kovach, Executive Director, 847-968-3338, akovach@LCFPD.org





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