Trail Courtesy

As you share the many multiuse trails in your Lake County Forest Preserves with others, please follow these rules of common sense and be courteous to all trail users:Preserve-Safety-Trail-Courtesy-IG-(KK)

  • Stay on marked trails. Respect trail and road closures.
  • Leave nature as you find it for others to enjoy.
  • Deposit litter in proper receptacles.
  • Keep dogs leashed and on trails at all times, and pick up after them.
  • Ride and walk on the right.
  • Allow space on the left for others to pass.
  • Alert others when passing from behind, especially around corners or in blind spots. Be prepared to stop or step aside to let bicycles and horses safely pass.
  • Use caution around horses. Use your voice rather than bicycle bells to announce your presence, and ask the rider if it is okay to pass.
  • When biking or snowmobiling with a group, ride single file only and control your speed at all times, especially around curves. Be prepared to slow down or stop and to announce your presence when approaching other trail users.

Yielding Etiquette

  • Horseback riders yield to pedestrians.
  • Bikers yield to pedestrians and equestrians.
  • Snowmobilers yield to all trail users.