2020 Online Native Plant Sale

Sales of native perennials, trees and shrubs are open NOW through July 1.


You don’t even have to leaf home to buy the plants you love. Our partners at Possibility Place Nursery will ship them straight to your doorstep. They’ve made the sun-loving, rain garden, and beneficial wildlife host species you’re looking for available online. Get started and see full details at their online portal.

Order Your Native Plants Online

Please use the link above to make your purchase. The Forest Preserves will receive a portion of each registered sale to benefit our environmental education programs and events. Thank you for your support.

Online ordering from Possibility Place Nursery: if you are having trouble finding plants, or if the stock is low, we are assured the nursery will add more plants to its website soon.Please visit their website, or call them at 708-534-3988, for updates on availability.

Not sure where to start with native landscaping? See our digital resources hub.


Why Plant Native Species?

You can choose from a variety of native ferns, flowers, plants, shrubs or woody plants suited to almost any backyard. Native plants are beautiful, hardy, less expensive, easy to maintain, beneficial to the environment and thrive in Illinois gardens.