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Thursday, October 17, 2019

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Dunn Museum

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Guest Speaker

Sarah Salto

Dryptosaurus at the Dunn: Designing a Dinosaur through Art and Science

Come learn about one of America's first dinosaur discoveries, Dryptosaurus. See the life-sized flesh-reconstruction of the predator and hear all about the process from the artist, Tyler Keillor, who created it.

Enjoy free programs every first and third Thursday evening at the Dunn Museum. Experience the Dunn Museum after hours to learn more about your local history and environment, engage in hands-on programs, and expand your curiosity. Come discover the possibilities the museum has for all ages!

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Tyler Keillor has been working with museums and paleontologists since 1999. He is employed as a paleoartist and fossil preparator at the University of Chicago Fossil Laboratory, and he has also helped exhibit a variety of paleo-projects for other researchers, universities, and museums around the world.  Tyler’s work typically involves preparing fossils for research, restoring damaged skulls and bones, and sculpting flesh-models of extinct creatures as they may have looked in life. Recently, he has also begun working with digital technology to create virtual 3D models of ancient life forms.


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