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Self-Guided Program-Trivia Trails FORT SHERIDAN


Self-Guided Program-Trivia Trails FORT SHERIDAN

Thursday, July 01 - Saturday, July 31

6:30 AM - 7 PM

All Ages.


You may be walking the trails anyway so why not learn a little bit while you're there? Or perhaps this will be a new trail for you. Signs with trivia questions ranging from history, natural history and site-specific information will be placed along a designated trail. Answers available on-site after the final trivia sign or found at

Starting from the Cemetery parking lot, follow the Trivia Trail signs clockwise along the green 1.7-mile Birding Trail at Fort Sheridan and be treated to knowledge in addition to the amazing views.

Consider bringing something to write your answers on. Unlike other trivia events, using your smartphone is encouraged. Most answers can be found on the Forest Preserve website and interactive map, History blog, or signs on-site.

We encourage you to post a picture of yourself on the Trivia Trail to Lake County Forest Preserves social media @LCFPD (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and use the hashtag, #LCFPDTriviaTrail

To report damaged or missing Trivia Trail signs or to send questions or comments about the Trivia Trail, contact


Jenny Sazama

Fort Sheridan 117 Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL, 60045