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Reptiles and Amphibians

ReptilesandAmphibiansAge 3–Grade 6
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Eeekk! It’s slimy and slithery—or is it? Students compare and contrast reptiles and amphibians through hands-on activities, and discover how specialized body parts help our local reptiles and amphibians grow and survive.


This program is available at Ryerson Woods in Riverwoods and Greenbelt Cultural Center in North Chicago, September–February and April–early June. This program is also available as an in-school program.


Age 3–Grade 3: $40 ($76 nonresidents) 1 hour
Grades 4–6: $50 ($86 nonresidents) 1.5 hours

Concurrent programs are available.


Reservations are taken by phone at 847-968-3321. Make reservations now—plan early to help ensure you get a schedule that meets your needs. Learn more »