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Lake County Forest Preserves | Preservation, Restoration, Education and Recreation


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FishGrades 6–9
Illinois Science Standards »

Students assume the role of fishery biologists, estimate fish populations, determine the quality of habitat for fish production, identify a variety of species, collect data from live fish and make recommendations on lake management for optimal fish production. Related programs: Take Lake Ecology to learn about abiotic factors affecting the lake environment, or Pond Study to learn about other aquatic life.

"This is my favorite field trip ever. Leaders were knowledgeable, friendly and had great time management."—Deb Arthurs, John Magee Middle School


This program is held exclusively at Independence Grove in Libertyville, September—early October and late April—May.


$150 ($210 nonresident) 4 hours, 45 students, 3 adults/group max


Reservations are taken by phone at 847-968-3321. Make reservations now—plan early to help ensure you get a schedule that meets your needs. Learn more »

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