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Environmental Education School Programs

Field Trips

Environmental Field Trips Grade Fall Winter Spring
Animal Adaptations Grades 3-8
Animals in Winter Age 3-Grade 1    
Birds Age 3-Grade 12
Boots of a Biologist Grades 4-8  
Farm Discovery (Self-Guided) Age 4-Grade 2  
Gift of the Glaciers Grades 6-8  
Going Green (Self-Guided) Grades 7-12
Homes Age 3-Grade 2
Insects and Spiders Grades 1-8  
Lake Ecology Grades 6-12  
Lives of the Voyageurs Grades 4-12  
Mammals Age 3-Grade 12
Maple Syruping Age 4-Grade 12    
Maple Syruping (Self-Guided) Age 4-Grade 12    
Plant Adaptations Grades 3-8    
Plant Life Cycles Grades 1-2  
Pond Study Grades 4-12  
Predator/Prey Grades 3-12
Reptiles and Amphibians Age 3–Grade 6
Touch of Nature (Self-Guided) Age 3–Grade 2  
Web of Life Grades 3-6  


Habitat Restoration Field Trips Grade Fall Winter Spring
Habitat Heroes Grades 4-8
Mighty Acorns Grades 3-5

Habitat restoration field trips can be modified for other grade levels.

Ranger Programs Grade/Scout Group Fall Winter Spring Summer
Bicycle Safety and Rodeo Various Scout Groups  
Fingerprinting Various Scout Groups
Ice Safety Grades K-5, Scouts  
Map and Compass Various Scout Groups
Plant and Animal Identification Various Scout Groups
What a Ranger Does Grades K-5, Scouts


In-School Programs

Environmental In-School Grade Fall Winter Spring
Animals of Lake County Grades 1-4
Bats Age 3-Grade 4
Birds of Prey Grades 3-8  
Butterflies Age 3–Grade 4
Geology of Illinois Grades 4-8
Lake County Glaciers Grades 4-5
Nature Story Time Age 3–Grade 2
Owls Grades K–2
Reptiles and Amphibians Age 3–Grade 2
Skulls Grades 5–8
Surviving Winter Grades 4–6    


Museum Education School Programs

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