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100-year Vision and Strategic Plan

PDF Document Countywide Map and Guide
Your guide to fun and adventure in the Lake County Forest Preserves.
PDF Document Our Vision and Strategic Plan
Our 100-year vision for Lake County is based on core principles of leadership, conservation and people. We envision that 100 years from now Lake County will be a healthy and resilient landscape with restored and preserved natural lands, waters and cultural assets. Residents will take great pride in how their forest preserves make their communities more livable and the local economy more dynamic. Our vibrant communities will thrive, and future generations will protect and cherish these remarkable resources and the highly desirable quality of life that they provide.
PDF Document Strategic Plan Objectives
Strategic Directions and Goals adopted by the Lake County Forest Preserves provide a map we will use to reach our 100-year vision. These objectives define the tactics that our Board and staff will implement to achieve the goals. They are grouped within the three pillars of our 100-year vision for Lake County.
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