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FULL Timed Entry 11:00AM OAKtober Native Tree and Shrub Sale


FULL Timed Entry 11:00AM OAKtober Native Tree and Shrub Sale

Sunday, October 03

11 AM - 11:30 AM

Registration is closed.

Important: Registration closed at 12:00 AM the day of the program.

Email: with questions or concerns


Fall is the perfect time to plant native trees and shrubs. Let our experts help you select the right mix for your yard.


Please note: pets are not allowed at Ryerson Woods. Service animals are permitted. Meet at Welcome Center. 

Please arrive within 30 minutes of your designated time slot.

Native Tree and Shrub List



Scientific Name

Common Name  Plant Type 
Amelanchier laevis ALLEGHENY SHADBLOW Small Tree/Shrub
Carpinus caroliniana MUSCLEWOOD Small Tree/Shrub
Carya cordiformis BITTERNUT HICKORY Tree
Crataegus crus-galli COCKSPUR HAWTHORN Tree
Crataegus mollis DOWNY HAWTHORN Tree
Malus ioensis IOWA CRAB Tree
Ostrya virginiana HOP HORNBEAM Tree
Quercus alba WHITE OAK Tree
Quercus bicolor SWAMP WHITE OAK Tree
Quercus macrocarpa BUR OAK Tree
Quercus rubra RED OAK Tree
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK Tree
Cercis canadensis REDBUD Small Tree/Shrub
Cornus stolonifera RED-OSIER DOGWOOD Shrub
Corylus americana AMERICAN HAZELNUT Tree
Hamamelis virginiana WITCH HAZEL Shrub
Ilex verticillata WINTERBERRY Shrub
Physocarpus opulifolius NINEBARK Shrub
Prunus americana WILD PLUM Small Tree/Shrub
Prunus virginiana CHOKE CHERRY Shrub
Ribes americanum WILD BLACK CURRANT Shrub
Ribes missouriense WILD GOOSEBERRY Shrub
Rosa blanda EARLY WILD ROSE Shrub
Rosa setigera ILLINOIS ROSE Shrub
Viburnum acerifolium MAPLE-LEAVED ARROW-WOOD Shrub
Viburnum lentago NANNYBERRY Small Tree/Shrub
Viburnum prunifolium BLACK HAW Shrub


Species available while supplies last. Inventory is first-come, first-served.
For up to date COVID-19 protocols visit:


Mark Hurley

Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area 21950 North Riverwoods Road
Riverwoods, IL, 60015