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Today's Sunset:


Wildlife & Habitat Restoration

Lake County is home to more endangered and threatened species than any other county in Illinois. At your Lake County Forest Preserves, we're working to preserve and restore the habitats that our native wildlife and plants need to survive and thrive. We're also here to help you to enjoy the many wonderful creatures that live all around us.

Native Plant & Animal Species of Lake County, Illinois

This free online native species image database features more than 400 plant and animal species found in Lake County, Illinois. Seach and browse the species records to view photos, taxonomic data, Lake County abundance, and more.

The Wildlife Web

Living With Wildlife can be fun and exciting, especially if you learn a few key steps to take to avoid potential problems in and around your home.
  • Is that baby bunny really orphaned?
  • How can I keep raccoons out of my attic?
  • What should I do with injured wildlife?

Why Can't Nature Just Take Its Course?

Nature needs a helping hand to overcome the stresses of life in urban and suburban areas like ours. Find out how we're working to protect native diversity by carefully monitoring and managing our natural areas.
  • Learn why and where we're using controlled burns.
  • Discover how we manage deer populations.
  • Removing and controlling non-native and invasive species and reintroducing native plants and animals also is important.

Invasive Species - Hot Topics

Invasive species have a negative effect on more than just forest preserve natural areas - they threaten the health of the commercial, agricultural and recreational activities dependent on healthy ecosystems. They can also present a threat to human health..

How You Can Help Preserve & Restore Nature

Nature needs your help too. Volunteer to restore our natural habitats.