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Common Name:
Scientific Name:
Plant Type:

Common Name Scientific Name Plant Type Habitat
American Filbert Corylus americana Shrubs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
American Linden Tilia americana Trees Savanna (part sun/shade)
Anise Hyssop Agastache foeniculum Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Arrowwood Viburnum Viburnum dentatum Shrubs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Bald Cypress Taxodium distichum Trees Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Big Bluestem Andropogon gerardii Grasses Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Big-leaved Aster Eurybia macrophylla Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Bird's Foot Violet Viola pedata Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa Shrubs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Black Walnut Juglans nigra Trees Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Black-Eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadense Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Blue Beech Carpinus caroliniana Trees Savanna (part sun/shade)
Blue Flag Iris Iris virginica shrevei Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Blue Vervain Verbena hastata Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Blue Wild Indigo Baptisia australis Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Bottle Gentian Gentiana andrewsii Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Bottlebrush buckeye Aesculus parviflora Shrubs Woodland (shade)
Bottlebrush Grass Elymus hystrix Grasses Savanna (part sun/shade)
Brown-Eyed Susan Rudbeckia triloba Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Bur oak Quercus macrocarpa Trees Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis Shrubs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Calico Aster Symphyotrichum lateriflorum Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Canadian Anemone Anemone canadensis Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Celadine Poppy Stylophorum diphyllum Forbs Woodland (shade)
Chinquapin Oak Quercus muehlenbergii Trees Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichoides Ferns Woodland (shade)
Cinnamon Fern Osmunda cinnamomea Ferns Woodland (shade)
Columbine Aquilegia canadensis Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Common Blue-Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium albidum Forbs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Common Ironweed Vernonia fasciculata Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Common Milkweed Asclepias syriaca Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Common Oak Sedge Carex pensylvanica Grasses Savanna (part sun/shade)
Compass Plant Silphium laciniatum Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Cream Gentian Gentiana flavida Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Culver's Root Veronicastrum virginicum Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Curly Styled Wood Sedge Carex rosea Grasses Savanna (part sun/shade)
Dwarf Honeysuckle Diervilla lonicera Shrubs Savanna (part sun/shade)
Early Meadow Rue Thalictrum dioicum Forbs Woodland (shade)
Early Sunflower Heliopsis helianthoides Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Early Wild Rose Rosa blanda Shrubs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Eastern Prickly Pear Opuntia humifusa Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Elderberry Sambucus nigra var. canadensis Shrubs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Elm-Leaved Goldenrod Solidago ulmifolia Forbs Woodland (shade)
False Aster Boltonia asteroides Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
False Solomon's Seal Maianthemum racemosa Forbs Woodland (shade)
Fire Pinks Silene virginica Forbs Prairie (full sun/part sun)
Fox Sedge Carex vulpinoidea Grasses Prairie (full sun/part sun)
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